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Cabala Canibal (Original title)


feature-length documentary by Daniel V. Villamediana , 64', 2014, DCP, color

Cábala Caníbal is a film that applies the Judeo-Christian Kabbalah to cinema, creating a new way of working historical and personal memory. The true story of Spain is a story buried underground. The expulsion of the Jews, their culture and knowledge, were constantly ignored, as well as the lives of many Spanish heterocodox, alchemists, poets or mystics.
A film that springs from the fear of losing one's memory, from the fear of the bull that is the darkness behind each image.



Rotterdam International film festival - "As long as it takes" section, january 2015
BAFICI, Festival de cine independiente de Buenos Aires, april 2015
Cine Latino Film festival Tübingen, april 2015
DOCMA, Madrid, Casa encendida
Museo Reina Sofía de Madrid , Madrid
International Film Festival of Curitiba Biennial - FICBIC, Brazil
IBERTIGO -Muestra de Cine Iberoamericano de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Doc Alliance Films platform
Xcèntric, CCCB, Barcelona
Filmtheater Kriterion, Amsterdam

Daniel Villamediana is born in 1975 in Valladolid and holds a degree in History. As a film critic, he was one of the founders and co-director of Cine's Letras magazine. He is professor of screenplay, film theory and directing at the University of Tübingen, where he is completing his PhD thesis.

He is a regular contributor to the supplement Culturas de La Vanguardia.

IIn 2008 he directed El brau blau (El toro azul, 2008), produced by Eddie Saeta and selected for the Locarno and San Sebastián Festival. His second feature film La vida sublime (2010), was screened in the Official Section of the Locarno and Viennale Festival, and circulated for two years in festivals around the world. De Occulta Philosophia (2013), her third film and first documentary, is presented at BAFICI and FID Marseille.

He is also co-writer of José María de Orbe, La línea recta (2006) and Aita (2010), which won awards in San Sebastián, among others.



Coproduction: Daniel V. Villamediana (Spain),
Alina film (Switzerland), Lluis Miñarro (Spain)
Script, direction and editing: Daniel V. Villamediana
In collaboration with: Madalina Stefan
Sound: Alejandro Castillo
Postproduction image: Sulla Strada, Laurent Guillermin (Geneva)

With the music of: La reverencia, Divina Mysteria

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