short animated film by David Epiney 35mm, 2004, 4'45'', color, Dolby SR, no dialogue

Without meaning to a man finds himself swept up in the exotic universe of a big fashion shop. Little by little he falls under the spell of this temple of seduction, luxury and consumerism.


Mention of the Jury, Festival de cine de Valdivia, Chili

David Epiney, born in 1976, trained in drawing and animation cinema, first worked as a graphic designer at Atelier Pfund, then directed several animated films: les Bains (2000), Galeries (2004), Le printemps de Sant Ponç (2007, co-directed with Eugenia Mumenthaler, and Prose du transsibérien (2014).



Festival international de cinéma de Rotterdam, Hollande, january 05
Festival internacional de cine de Valdivia, Chile, octobre 05
International animation festival of Espinho, Portugal, november 04
Festival internacional de cine de Huesca, Espana, june 04
International Film Festival of Jerusalem. july 04

Première at the Soleure film festival, Switzerland. january 04
Festival internacional de Uruguay, Montevideo, april 04
Animation festival Cartoons on the bay, Positano, Italy, may 04
Animation festival Cortoons, Roma, Italy, may 04
Festival international of animation Anima Mundi. Rio, july 04
Festival Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Germany
Festival internazional del cinema d'arte de Bergamo
Short film and documentary festival of Ismailia, Egypt, september 04
Film festival of fine arts in Szolnok, Hungary, september 04
Muestra "Este corto si se ve", Mexico (travelling programm to various latino american festivals:
Festival of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Festival la Baranquilla, Colombia, Festival Suenos cortos, Argentina...)
Animation and Dokfestival, Leipzig, Germany, october 04
Festival international de cinema Brno 16, République Tchèque, october 04
Festival international d'animation Balkanima, Belgrade, october 04
Festival Internacional de cortometrajes de la Boca del Lobo, Madrid, october 04 (Programme itinérant
aux festivals de Jakarta, Uméa, etc.)
International film festival of Calcutta, november 04
Festival International Cinéma tout Ecran, Genève, november 04
Filmfest Braunschweig, Germany, november 04
Festival International Filmets, Badalona, Spain, november 04
Short film festival of Schwenningen, Germany
Marché du film, Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest, november 04
Animation festival of Ljubjana, Slovenia, december 04
International animation festival of Taïwan, may 05
Festival AniFest à Trebon en Tchéquie, dans le cadre d'un programme d’animation Romande, june 05
Festival d'animation de Kecskemet, Hongrie
Festival de Santiago de Compostella, Espagne, july 05
International short film festival on the beach, Italie, july 05

Broadcasted on SF DRS, TSR, TSI, july 04
Projection dans le cadre de l'exposition "Trick auf Trick (Stadtkino à Bâle, Filmpodium à Zurich, Lichtspiel à Berne)
Uni Dufour, Ciné club Universitaire, Genève, november 04
Cinema Filmgilde, Bienne, Switzerland, february 05
Cinema Verdi, Barcelona, avril 05

Direction, animation: David Epiney
Original music, sound : Ianeq
Production : Bordu films (Switzerland) / Télévision suisse romande (Switzerland)

With the support of Office Fédéral de la Culture, City of Geneva, Fonds Region, DIP du Canton of Geneva.